Protecting Seafarer’s Rights Worldwide since 2002

The ISU (formerly the ISA) is a non-profit organization with over 40 years of experience protecting the rights of seafarers worldwide.


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About Us

The International Seafarer’s Union (formerly the ISA) is an organization aimed at providing assistance to seafarers in difficult situations, either aboard a freight/passenger vessel or ashore.

  • ISU operated by personnel with over 40 years experience dedicated to assisting seafarers who find themselves in difficult situations.
  • ISU will attempt to provide assistance to seafarers no matter how difficult the situation may be and no matter where the seafarer is located.
  • ISU, if possible, will travel to meet the seafarer in distress.
  • ISU will work with non profit organizations world wide, including but not limited to the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), Seafarers Houses in various countries and Church Institutions that assist seafarers in distress.
  • ISU will maintain contact with the seafarer in distress while attempting to provide a solution to the problem.
  • ISU possesses a list of medical facilities and doctors in various ports, and will guide the seafarer to the appropriate medical facility or doctor. In most cases, the medical expenses should be paid by the shipping company.
  • ISU is a non-profit organization and therefore our services are at no cost to the seafarer.

For immediate assistance please contact us now.

ISU Free Assistance Program

This is an organization aimed at providing assistance to seafarers when they are going through difficult situations as a result of sickness or injuries while employed as a seafarer.

When an injured or a sick seafarer qualifies for this assistance, he/she has access to several free benefits. Among the free benefits these seafarers can apply, are the following:

  1. Free membership in the International Seafarers Union.
  2. Free calling cards while getting medical care.
  3. Free laundry allowance while getting medical care.
  4. Free food supplement while getting medical care.
  5. Free application for a cash advances where qualified. Cash advances involve repayment terms and conditions.
  6. Free cell phone app for Apple or Android phones to have direct access, 24 hours, 7 days a week contact with qualified maritime attorneys.
  7. Free initial consultation with a qualified maritime law firm.
  8. Free cost discounts on legal expenses such as depositions, translations, copy charges, paralegal fees and wire transfer fees. The type and amount of discount depends on each qualified law firm.
  9. 24 hour access to the union by Skype, email, telephone or fax.
  10. 24 hour access to approved maritime lawyers by Skype, email, telephone or fax.
  11. Free cruise line law news letter.