The International Seafarers Union (ISU) works closely with professionals including doctors and attorneys that are experienced in providing assistance to seafarers in distress. Should you require a referral, we can help. The ISU also works closely with organizations through out the world including: the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America. We will work with the following organizations if needed:

Apostleship of the Seas
British & International Sailor’s Society
International Transport Workers Federation, and their members
Mariner’s House of Montreal
Missions to Seamen
Our Savior Lutheran Church
Saint John Seafarers’ Mission
Stella Maris
The Seafarers House
The Seaman’s Church Institute
The Seaman’s Club
The Seamen’s Haven

Below are further resources that you can use to find assistance:

Premier Resources

Additional Resources

American Association of Port Authorities
CDC – Cruise Ship Passenger & Crew Member Health Resources
Congressional Information Bureau – Daily Maritime Bulletin
Cruise Links and Resources for Passengers
Cruise News Weekly
Federal Maritime Commission
International Council of Cruise Lines
International Maritime Organization
International Transport Workers’ Federation
Lost At Sea: Investigative report into harsh conditions seafarers endure
MARAD Public Affairs
Marine Accident Reporting
Marine Link
Marine Transportation System
Marine Transportation System National Advisory Council
Maritime Administration – US Department of Transportation
Maritime Global Net: The International Maritime Industry Web Portal
National Transportation Safety Board
Seafarer’s Missions – Worldwide
The Cruise Channel – Lloyd’s
The Marine Society: education, library services, and financial support to professional seafarers
“The Other Information” about the Cruise Industry: health issues, marine accident reports, environmental issues, labor issues, and more
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Department of Transportation
Vessel Sanitation Program – Cruise Ship Sanitation and Public Health Information
World Shipping Directory