Free Assistance Program

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Fill out the form to the right so that our organization can determine your eligibility for the free benefits described below: 

  1. Free membership in the International Seafarers Union.
  2. Free calling cards while getting medical care.
  3. Free laundry allowance while getting medical care.
  4. Free food supplement while getting medical care.
  5. Free application for a cash advances where qualified. Cash advances involve repayment terms and conditions.
  6. Free cell phone app for Apple or Android phones to have direct access, 24 hours, 7 days a week contact with qualified maritime attorneys.
  7. Free initial consultation with a qualified maritime law firm.
  8. Free cost discounts on legal expenses such as depositions, translations, copy charges, paralegal fees and wire transfer fees. The type and amount of discount depends on each qualified law firm.
  9. 24 hour access to the union by Skype, email, telephone or fax.
  10. 24 hour access to approved maritime lawyers by Skype, email, telephone or fax.
  11. Free cruise line law news letter. 

The International Seafarers Union Free Assistance Program will always be available for the seafarers comments in order to improve the quality of the services we provided to our members and others.

If you have medical records, please send them by email. 

* Note: Your membership or participation in the ISU is completely CONFIDENTIAL and information will not be revealed to any shipping companies.